5 Questions to ask your Bankruptcy Attorney

Questions you need to ask your bankruptcy attorney.

1)  Do I need to file bankruptcy?

Answer:  A honest and competent bankruptcy attorney will analyze your financial situation to determine whether a bankruptcy filing is proper for your situation.  A good attorney will explain the reasons why you may need to file for bankruptcy.  Sometimes other options are available and should be considered.  A honest attorney will present these options to you.

2.  Will the bankruptcy hurt me?

A bankruptcy filing will have a negative impact on your credit score.  A good attorney will weigh this against the positive and make the proper determination.  

3.  What are your fees?

Most attorneys will charge a flat fee and sometimes the fees are varied because of a complicated case.  You should know the fees charged before you proceed with hiring a bankruptcy attorney

4.  How many bankruptcy cases have you handled?

It is important to hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney.  Experienced bankruptcy attorneys have handle hundreds even thousands of cases.  Experience gives the attorney the proper practical knowledge to handle any unexpected events during the bankruptcy process.  It is important that you know the experience level of your bankruptcy attorney!

5.  What is the best way to contact your bankruptcy attorney?

An attorney is only as good as his personal relationship with his client.  You want an attorney that you can contact.  You want a good line of communication between you and the attorney.  This is important because good communication results in a smoother transaction.  Make sure your bankruptcy attorney is available to talk to you.  You don’t want to be dealing only with his secretary.

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