Have you fallen behind on paying your bills and just can’t seem to get yourself caught back up? 

Don’t let the harassing debt collectors continue to hound you, receive the help of our knowledgeable attorneys to settle your debt or eliminate it all together.

Get your debt settled to your satisfaction:

  • Illegal debt collection
  • Collection lawsuit defense
  • Sue harassing debt collectors
  • Chapter 7 filing
  • Chapter 13 filing
  • Contested adversarial

Outstanding credit card debt relief
If you’re receiving calls from debt collectors while you’re at work, you can get our help to end the calls and possibly sue the collector for violating regulations from the FDCPA. Before you pay the outstanding balance on your credit card, make them prove the debt is yours, consult with us to learn how.

Additional areas of law that we practice
We also practice in the following areas of law: estate planning, real estate, accidental injury, personal injury, and social security.

Get your FREE consultation today! Call Elpers & Gonz P.C. at 573-883-5000 or 800-883-5009 to discuss your case and your rights.

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