Avoid these DUI mistakes

If you have been pulled over and charged with a DUI, here are some quick tip on mistakes you should avoid!

1.  Do not admit to the officer you have been drinking:  You have no obligation to admit to the consumption of alcohol.  You should not lie to the officer.  However, you should never volunteer this information.  

2.  Field Sobriety Test:  You are not required to submit to a field sobriety test.  However, you refusal to take the test can be evidence that will be used against you.

3.  Suspension of License:  You should always try to challenge the suspension of your license.

4.  Pleading guilty:  You should be aware that pleading guilty to a DUI charge has many negative ramifications.

5.  Failing to follow your attorney’s instructions:  You should follow the recommendations of your attorney.  Some clients do not listen to their attorney and believe that once they hire an attorney.  Then it’s the attorney’s job to defend them.  They fail to realize that cooperation with their client is extremely important for DUI cases.

6.  Answering questions after a Breath Test:  You are not required to answer any questions after the breath test.  Police officer will ask you some questions that are part of the “Alcohol Influence Report”, you are not required to answer these questions.

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