Federal False Claims Act Pays Whistle blowers!

The Federal False Claims Act allows individuals to bring actions against companies for fraud against the government.  These acts include but are not limited to: 

1.  Billing for unlicensed or unapproved drugs, or medical services.

2.  Billing for goods and services that were never delivered or rendered.

3.  Billing for marketing, lobbying or other non-contract related corporate activities.

4.  Submitting false service records or samples in order to show better-than-actual performance.

5.  Presenting broken or untested equipment as operational and tested.

6.  Performing inappropriate or unnecessary medical procedures in order to increase Medicare reimbursement.

7.  Billing for work or tests not performed.

8.  Billing for premium equipment but actually providing inferior equipment.


These are just the few things that could involve the False Claims Act.  

In recent news a skilled nursing home agreed to pay $17 million to settle charges under this Act.  The individual that reported the nursing home received $4.5 million.

Read more about the case by click here

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