Mistakes to Avoid After a Automobile Accident

  1.  Do not refuse medical treatment:  Some injuries resulting from an automobile accident do not manifest immediately.  Some injuries take 24 hours or longer before symptoms appear.  You should see a doctor soon after an accident to diagnose any potential problems.  The documentation of your medical history following an accident is crucial for your injury case.


  1. Document the crash scene:  Try to record and take photos of the accident scene.  This includes vehicle damages, positions of vehicles, skid marks, damage to property, and visible injuries among accident victims.  Try to get the names of witnesses and victims involved.  It is much easier to rely on this information later than base on your memory alone.


  1. Apologizing:   Saying you are sorry about the accident can be used as a statement of fault.  It is best to stay quiet and not show your emotional.  It is prudent to state clearly what happened without admission of guilt.  The police, insurance adjuster, and even attorney will help determine fault.


  1. Do not take the insurance company’s first offer:  Insurance adjusters work for the insurance company.  They are protecting the insurance company’s bottom line, therefore, you should never sign the 1st offer before talking to an experienced personal injury attorney.


  1. Hiding prior accidents or medical history:  Prior records are available to insurance companies and they can use these records to discredit your claim.  Your attorney should know everything about your case.  This includes bad facts because the attorney can determine how to deal with the facts.  This is applicable to your doctor.  Doctors need all relevant information regarding your injury including any previous injuries.  Prior accidents or injuries does not bar you from recovery.


  1. Missing appointments for medical treatment:  Missed appointments send a signal to the insurance company that you may not actually be injured.  Failure to follow thru with medical treatments can devalue your claim.


  1. Signing documents:  Avoid signing any documents relating to the accident.  Particularly documents from insurance companies.  Always consult with an attorney before signing documents.  You could be signing away your claim.


  1. Discussing the accident on social media Information that is posted to facebook, twitter, and other social media outlets are monitored by the insurance companies.  It is wise to avoid all social media outlets following your personal injury accident.  If you continue to use social media, be extremely careful regarding the content and information on your profile.
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