How to Choose a Traffic/DUI Attorney

How to Choose a DUI/Traffic Attorney?


  1. 1.   Is your attorney familiar with the specific court rooms, judges, prosecutor in the county the case will be heard?   Knowledge of the local court rules and regulations helps in the smooth and positive outcome of your case.  An attorney that knows the court system can use this knowledge to derive a course of action for your particular situation.  Navigating a familiar court system results in a more efficient client representation.


  1. 2.  How much experience does the attorney have?  The key here is how long the attorney has been practicing DUI cases.  Experience as a business lawyer does not equate to an effective DUI attorney.  The attorney must have had experience with DUI cases with a solid track record.


  1. 3.  What is the role of the DUI attorney?  The DUI must prepare your case for trial.  The attorney must also prepare you for the possibility of a guilty verdict.  The attorney must also have good communication with you regarding the status of the case and provide you with reminders regarding the case.


  1. 4.  How much will it cost?  Although cost is always a major concern when hiring an attorney, it should not be the sole determining factor.  An attorney that competes on pricing relies on volume.  Would you want your case handled by this attorney or someone who has less cases that can give more attention to your case.  An effective DUI attorney will have to put in significant time on your case for a successful outcome.  If your technique for choosing an attorney is based on pricing.  You are doing yourself a disservice.


  1. 5.  How important is preparation?  A prosecutor generally has a large caseload for any given docket.  It is the job of your DUI attorney to know more about your case than the prosecutor.  Proper preparation of your case will lay the foundation for a “not guilty” verdict.  In addition, it puts your case in a better position for a plea.  A good DUI attorney assumes that every case is going to trial.  This philosophy builds a strong defense and prosecutors know this.  If the case ends up in a plea negotiation, you can bet the reputation of an attorney known to prepare for trial will have a more favorable outcome.

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