Medical Malpractice? Steps to take!

Are you or a family member a victim of medical malpractice?  Here are some steps you should take.

1.  Ask for your medical records:  You should get the medical records from your hospital or doctor.  Try to get these documents as soon as possible.  If you have trouble getting these documents.  An attorney can help.

2.  Switch medical provider:  It is best to switch medical provider if you suspect a medical malpractice has occurred.  Your current provider may take actions to lower your chances for a fair resolution in your case.  It is important that you continue medical care.

3.  Keep a record of treatments:  Memories of the incidence will fade over time.  It is wise to keep a journal and/or document all events relating to the incident.  Try to keep track of medications, doctor appointments, and other treatment related activities.  Take pictures/videos of visible injuries.  This will help build your case against the medical provider.

4.  Ask questions regarding your injury:  Your doctor has a duty to respond to your questions about your treatment.  Do not be afraid to seek answers from your doctor regarding your procedure.  Although not all unsatisfactory results are attributed to medical malpractice, you have the right to ask questions and consult your attorney if you feel something was done incorrectly.

5.  Consult an attorney:  An experienced attorney with a proven track record can determine if you deserve compensation for the doctor’s mistake.  Set up an appointment and describe the details of your case.  Remember, to read our article on “Choosing the right attorney for your case”.

If you have more questions, you can contact us!

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