Older Consumers More Vulnerable to Debt Collectors!

According to a study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, older Americans face many issues with debt collectors.  The major issue involves collector trying to collect a debt not owed.  Collectors continually call regarding an alleged debt despite the consumer’s denial of the debt.  Many older Americans also report that debt collectors threaten them with garnishment of social security payments, veteran’s benefits, and supplemental security income.  Despite these benefits being immune from collections, collectors use this scare tactic.

If you are faced with unscrupulous debt collectors, you can protect yourself by:

1)  Knowing that some government benefits are immune from garnishment

2)  Get more information regarding the debt so it can be identified

3)  Dispute any incorrect debt, do not let the collector’s scare you.

4)  Stop the harassment by calling contacting a debt defense law firm.

The link to the original article can be found HERE

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