Steps to Get Child Custody Back!

Do you want your child custody back?  Here are some steps you should take:

1.  Get an Attorney:  Child custody is not something you want to handle on your own.  An experienced attorney will know the strategies and procedures that will increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.  

2.  Get a professional child custody evaluator:  You may need a professional who can evaluate  interactions between you, your child and your home environment.  They will also evaluate the child’s situation with the current custodian.  A positive report will help guide the court’s decision in your child custody proceeding.

3.  Deal with current legal issues.  If you have had any problems that caused you to lose custody, make sure these issues are resolved.  For example, if you had an issue with alcohol abuse, make sure this issue has been corrected.  You will need to document anything tending to show you have corrected any problems you may have had.  Your attorney and evaluator are in the best position to determine the correct course of action to correct any issues.  This is one of the reasons to have an attorney on your side in a custody proceeding.

4.  Make sure you follow the law:  This is when the court will heavily scrutinize your life.  Make sure your current legal obligations.  Attending all hearings, do not violate any current custody arrangements.  Furthermore, if you have visitation rights, make sure you return the child in a timely manner.



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